More Transportation


If you’ve ever seen a helicopter transport someone to an emergency facility, it’s usually, because that person has extreme injuries, and they are in immediate need of medical services. Not only will they be cared for by the Air Ambulance Network team, while they are in the helicopter, but they can get to an emergency facility much faster, than taking an ambulance, or any type of medical transportation vehicle. While on board the helicopter, they can be revived if necessary, medically cared for, and prepped to go to the hospital, until they are able to arrive.

helicopterIt’s possible to request a helicopter for medical transportation, but this is only recommended for those who have a long-distance ago, if they need to get there in a short period of time, or if the person needs extreme medical attention, right away. Since companies are willing to do medical transports, while using a helicopter, this may be something that is of interest to those, who may have family members, who need to be transported. It’s not absolutely necessary that a person must be in need of immediate medical attention, in order to take a helicopter. Certain companies will transport anyone who requests a helicopter, and bring them to a medical facility.